Parameters for this Spectacle–Feedback is Welcome

This isn’t a shocker to anyone reading this: one’s childhood experiences stay with us for life.  Fortunately, not all those events are “actually” remembered.  They lie hidden beneath the surface making most of us interesting to be around.  For other people they lie hidden beneath the surface and end up going to prison with their bearer.  As a first born child, who was essentially raised as an “only child” until my sister was born seven years after me, I admit I like my life to be orderly.  Therefore, I believe this venture into blogdom (Do I get to make up words when blogging? I am such a newbie to this world) will benefit from a set of rules that will generally, not slavishly, guide my undertakings.  My first draft includes the following:

(1)   I will not intentionally write with the goal of irritating, ticking off, or annoying the readers.  If, however, someone is irritated, ticked off or annoyed, I will smile quietly and not gloat.

(2)   Postings will NOT exceed 750 words.  Let’s face it, like most bloggers, I don’t really have much to say, and you certainly don’t have lots of time to read a load of rubbish.

(3)   Every fifth posting will use the word “hamster(s)”.  Yeah…this isn’t always gonna be a journey into deep reflection.  I attempt to make lots of room for laughter in my generally mundane life.

(4)   World famous New Testament scholar, and my personal academic hero, N.T. Wright will be quoted regularly…preferably in every fifth posting and in close proximity to the hamster(s) reference.

(5)   I will invite guest bloggers.  I would say the chance of Dave Broberg being one of these guest bloggers is slim.  There is a 750 word limit.

(6)   I will NEVER use the words “musing(s)” or “muse”.  I probably will use the word “inspire” but not in the biblical sense.

(7)   Embarrassing and poorly edited sentences written by my students will be shared.  This is an imperative if their lack of precise editing results in profane or risqué language.

(8)   I promise to severely restrict “over the top” praise for Newcastle United Football Club. On the other hand,  Bolton Wanderers and their most ardent fans in the USA, my nephews Eric and Michael Thuma, will be mocked mercilessly.  I thought about mocking Man U and Chelsea, but those two teams have lots of fans and many of them could really hurt me.  This would include Josh Wood, Logan Thompson, Danny Thompson, and Logan Shellenberger.

(9)   To keep Helena Yeatts Cicero happy every tenth posting will say something nice about my employer.  Challenge accepted, Helena.

(10)    I reserve the right to modify and/or totally ignore and/or bizarrely interpret the above guidelines.

There you have them.  Clearly, I am thinking this blog ought to be a little different.  And let’s get this difference rolling.  I am inviting you the reader (yes, I am assuming there is only one of you and I know it isn’t my mom ‘cause she died three years ago and her computer skills were not very good when she was alive.) to offer new guidelines or provide arguments as to why one of my suggestions should be modified or deleted.


I am pleased to announce this post consists of only 529 words.  Success…modest success, but success none the less.


What Have I Done?

Well, having deleted the generic welcome to rubbish, I added this rubbish.  Hopefully, this will improve over the next few months.  I would like to point out that I feel technologically challenged and inadequate.  AND I am very ticked off that someone has taken the wordpress address beginning with BOTH “jmcd” and “jaymcd”.  What has society come to?