Welcome to my blog.  Since I am really old, and not very cool, essentially I have no idea as to what is supposed to happen in a blog.  That factor, alone, should make this an interesting activity.

I will let you know that I am a former college prof, married to a wonderful woman (who is also a college prof), and we have two sons and a fantastic daughter-in-law.  I spend a lot of my “retirement” time doing church work.  In fact, I am the part-time pastor of what I think is the best group of Christian believers in South Central PA: Engage Community Church.  They are fantastic. Currently, we are discerning who we are called to be as we building the Kingdom in Carlisle, Cumberland County, and beyond. For the most part, the blog entries you will find here are sermons which I have shared with ECC. But there may be other posts as well.


Jay McD(ermond)

P.S. I am looking around for a “happier” picture.


One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Jay, maybe a time one January long ago traveling with Dr Schrag (spelling) It has been a long time. Me thinks there were several smile producing times. John Shellenberger

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