What the heck…I won an award already? (4)

Yesterday,  shortly before heading out to Brothers’ Pizza for lunch, I quickly checked Facebook.  Imagine my shock upon learning my blog had won an award.  Specifically, Jessica Rowles Ramsey gave me and my blog a “Sunshine Award”.  Thank you!  So far as I can tell, there are NO cash prizes nor will I immediately rocket to blogging fame.  At least, I hope that isn’t the end result.  Jessica was initially responding to her receiving the same affirmation from a friend who mentioned her blog (see below).  The idea, and I like this because it serves multiple good causes, is to answer a few simple questions in your blog and then mention bloggers you follow and would recommend to others.  Oh, yes, one is also to include the “Sunshine Logo”.  I will do my best with my limited computer skills. And the questions are:

Favorite Color.  This is something of a challenge.  I am color blind; and, therefore, I have no clue as to what I see.  When people learn I can’t distinguish blue/purple and green/brown they often ask what may be the silliest question ever asked: “So, what color does blue look like to you?”  Honestly, how would I know?  I usually respond, “Well, I don’t know.  I just lump it into what I like to think of as the Blurple color family.”

Favorite Number. This is an odd one, but not the oddest, as you will see below.  Still, I have an answer.  21:  the number Roberto Clemente wore during his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Oh my, that guy could play the game.  Second choice: 9.  Alan Shearer wore that number and played for Newcastle.  BTW, he holds the record for goals scored in the English Premier League: 260.  The second place player?  Andrew Cole with 187.  Yeah.  Not even close really.

Favorite Animal.  The answer here is the lowly and misunderstood pig. I have great affection for the marginalized even when it comes to the animal kingdom.  The average pig is smarter than the average dog, and they are actually “clean” animals.  Given the choice of wallowing in mud or clean cool water a pig will pick the water.  The reason they wallow?  They can’t perspire and they need the liquid to evaporate and cool themselves down.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink.  Milk.  The stuff you purchase at the grocery store is acceptable, but the milk produced by Apple Valley Creamery, www.applevalleycreamery.com/home.php , is amazing.  And they deliver to our door!  If you live in the Mechanicsburg/Dillsburg area, check them out.

Facebook or Twitter.  Really?  How can you say anything of substance in 140 characters?  I predict Twitter will further lead to the decline of American society…as if we weren’t doing a fair job on that front prior to the creation of Twitter.

My Passion.  Passion?  That is a rather intimidating word.  It kinda makes me think of sure and certain death if I didn’t have it…like air.  I am definitely passionate about a steady and ample supply of air.  Let’s change the word to “interest”.  In that case, I really enjoy collecting old milk bottles.  See favorite non-alcoholic drink above.  It starts to make sense, right?  Perhaps I will write a blog about collecting milk bottles.

Getting or Giving Gifts.  Well, considering the fact that I am usually quite clueless as to what to give other people, I guess I’ll pick “getting.”  It is easier.

Favorite Pattern. Isn’t this odder than favorite number?  I think the answer is the vertical black and white stripes of Newcastle’s home jersey.  I admit I may have totally misunderstood the question.

Favorite Day of the Week.  Saturday mornings from mid-August to early May is the winner.  That is when English Premier League teams play.  Saturday, in general, is when Messiah College sports teams play.  On this point, I am rather partial to Saturday afternoons when my sons and their fellow swimmers are in the college pool.  Saturday evenings are good also when my little soccer buddies are scampering around Shoemaker Field.  BTW, they beat Division I Bucknell University this past Saturday evening.  I was happy.

Favorite Flower.  I am going to cheat, and say redbud trees.  A tree isn’t a flower, but redbud trees have wonderful flowers on them.  AND I am told they are purple.

As for the recommended blogs, I must admit I am so new to the blogosphere (is that a word?), and I don’t religiously follow any bloggers.  I have, however, found the following people to be engaging and thoughtful.

Jessica Rowles Ramsey’s “Tuning this Life” http://tuningthislife.wordpress.com/

Shawn Smucker’s “Shawn Smucker” http://shawnsmucker.com/

Matt Gorkos’ “Ramblin Rev” http://ramblingrev-mgorkos.blogspot.com/2012/04/chapter-1-part-2.html

Scott McKnight’s “Jesus Creed”  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/

Byron Borger’s “Hearts and Minds Book Notes”  http://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/booknotes/

Thanks for reading.  Do your best to remain calm, but be warned the next blog is number 5, and that means hamsters will be mentioned.

Author: jaymcdermond

Hmmmm. Let's see. How about a string of descriptors: Christian, husband, father of two sons, father-in-law, retired (after 29 years) college prof, wrote one book--a commentary, lived in the UK for six years, rides a Vespa, and loves Newcastle United Football Club.

4 thoughts on “What the heck…I won an award already? (4)”

  1. Color blind eh… Why didn’t you tell me this sooner, the fashion police have leniency for people like you. Although you didn’t mention having a problem with brown and black…

    1. I am fairly confident you knew this Andrew…and persisted and insisted on abusing me regarding my lack of color coordination. That is my story,and I am sticking to it.

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