Here’s a hint as to the content of the next post


Author: jaymcdermond

Hmmmm. Let's see. How about a string of descriptors: Christian, husband, father of two sons, father-in-law, retired (after 29 years) college prof, wrote one book--a commentary, lived in the UK for six years, rides a Vespa, and loves Newcastle United Football Club.

One thought on “Here’s a hint as to the content of the next post”

  1. Jay, the soteriology and eschatology is even more insidious. What is redemptive here? Consuming! This car represents an image: carefree, party life-style…….the good life delivered to you by products and the non-stop stream of fun entertainment delivered by the market. It is world peace through products, just a little hipper than teaching the world to sing by buying the world a coke from back in the day. In other words, this commercial tells us not to worry about all that does threaten the future. Just buy some cool stuff, listen to some tunes, dance, party, and laugh your you know what off and don’t worry too much. The corporate entertainment empire has all the bad stuff covered for us. This is Francis Fukayama’s “The End of History” with a better soundtrack. Fukayama argued back in the early 90’s with the demise of Soviet communism that we had arrived at the end (in the sense of ‘telos’) of history with democratic capitalism as the true goal of history (he tried to do a kind of Hegelian thing); one world at peace made happier by consuming western culture: blue jeans, McDonalds, and coke as the sacramental mediation of peace and fulfillment.

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