What Have I Done?

Well, having deleted the generic welcome to wordpress.com rubbish, I added this rubbish.  Hopefully, this will improve over the next few months.  I would like to point out that I feel technologically challenged and inadequate.  AND I am very ticked off that someone has taken the wordpress address beginning with BOTH “jmcd” and “jaymcd”.  What has society come to?


Author: jaymcdermond

Hmmmm. Let's see. How about a string of descriptors: Christian, husband, father of two sons, father-in-law, retired (after 29 years) college prof, wrote one book--a commentary, lived in the UK for six years, rides a Vespa, and loves Newcastle United Football Club.

3 thoughts on “What Have I Done?”

  1. The monikers may be taken, but you are definitely an original. Love your progress so far, and I look forward to reading the goodies in the coming days!

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